Introduction of the ME 2016 participants – Hungary

Football history is full of big rises, like the recent Belgian or Welsh, but also big falls. One of such dramatic failures had to be bumped in Hungary in the 1990s and at the turn of the millennium, where he is now enjoying the first major event of the 1986 World Cup. How good will it be in Germany to influence the whole of the Hungarian football?

For proof of how poor Hungarian football has been and still is, there is no need to go anywhere far.Since the establishment of the 1992 Masters League, all two Hungarian clubs (Ferencváros 1995/96 and Debrecen 2008/09) have been pushed into the group stage, overcoming Cypriot or Israeli dwarves, and the Hungarian league coefficient is currently at the level of Moldavian or Liechtenstein.

As far as spectators are concerned, the Hungarian top competition – recently because of the financial situation of many clubs narrowed from 16 to twelve participants – not half as good as two decades back. The average of 2015 responded to an astounding 2.5 thousand fans.

Still, the Hungarians look to France, and they can look forward to progress on the other fronts – among other things thanks to people with rich German experience.Bernd Storck, with his right hand, is standing by Andreas Möller with his right hand, Robert Kilin was eleven and Robert Oster Corrochano is still eighteen, and Ferencvaros rescued, who celebrated the title for six years for the first time in 12 years, Coach of Hamburg Thomas Doll.

German influence on the other hand is not overestimate; The relative resurgence of Hungarian football is for the most part part of the government of Viktor Orbán, a great fan of the most popular sport of the planet. The fact that the Hungarian football started to rise just after the re-election of the Premier in 2010 is indeed no coincidence, because Orban has made a regular part of his political agenda.

In July 2010 he immediately convinced the richest man in the country, Sándor Csányi to become the head of the football federation, and then himself focused on the beautification of his former semi-professional club Felcsút FC.He is now named Puskás FC and his brand new academy is responsible for two current representatives (see below), but also one member of the famous La Masia in Barcelona.

With the Orbán person or Fidesz ruling party, Doing essentially every first league club. Ferencváros is headed by the party chairman, the Budapest MTK for change by founder Fidesz, and Debrecen, Videoton and Haladas are at least controlled by close friends of Orbán, and have recently had a government-sponsored construction of new arenas. Such strong government interest may be in the long run Promises to be concerned about the corrupt practices that the Hungarians have rich experience with both the recent and the 1980s, but the Hungarian football community is currently seriously unwilling to disperse.And finally she’s got to be proud of…